Infinity Minus One


Infinity Minus One

For months life without that ONE had been zero.

It was incredible how that absence, that painful subtraction, had suddenly swallowed all of my universe. With it went the laughter, tranquillity and joy. Someone had secretly wiped out the colours and stolen the scents. Everything. All gone. Just nothing. A buzzing, stubborn infinite zero.

Then one day a long time later, when I was living in an empty and dark world without shapes and sizes I saw yellow again. At first I did not believe it. I thought it was a hallucination, a memory or maybe just a mistake of the retina resigned to the dim light. But to my surprise I also recognized green, a bit of brown and even orange. The leaves were long and tapered. The sturdy stem was moved and bent toward the sun. The petals were dramatically vivid. A moment later I saw the others too. They were all lined up like an army at attention, staring at me and smiling.

I stopped the car and I got out under the sea-blue sky. My fingers on the hips, my lips parted and the wind rustling my hair.

I could not believe my eyes. I was amazed. Suddenly life, the one that comes back from who knows where, resurfaced with a bouquet of flowers. Without a card.

Since that day, in my heart infinity minus one will always taste of the unexpected and rediscovered colour of that immense field of sunflowers.

Freely adapted from the show "Infinity minus one" of the Varitmès dance company. A Production from 2009.